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Success Stories

NAME: Mr & Mrs Lloyd
ARREARS:Mortgage Expired

Time Available: 6 days vefore eviction. 

Mr & Mrs Lloyd had a mortgage with The Woolwich (Barclays) which had expired 1 year previously. Despite many failed attempts to negotiate an extension and refinance the property, Mr & Mrs Lloyd accepted that they need to sell the property to try and avoid being repossessed. 

NAME: Mr & Mrs JW
LOCATION: Liverpool
ARREARS: £12,000

Time Available: contacted us 3 days before Eviction date.

ARREARS: £6,000

Time Available: 2 weeks before Eviction date.

Previous History: After a difficult breakup with his partner, Mr B ignored his position for some time. He ignored his mortgage lenders threats to start court proceedings, and did not attend his original court date.

LOCATION: Liverpool
ARREARS: £38,000

Time Available: contacted us 5 days before eviction date.

Previous History: Mrs M had suffered some very difficult circumstances in relation to her mental health which directly affected her ability to work. As can be seen from the figures above, Mrs M had built up a considerable amount of arrears at £38,000 and not in fact made a single mortgage payment for almost 2 years.

Every case is individual & needs our professional assessment, no matter how early or urgent your circumstances, we will hold your hand over every step.
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  • We had a few days before we were going to get evicted calling Homeowner Management Systems saved us they knew exactly what to do I wish we called weeks ago! Client Testimonial

  • Thank you David and Team, we would be homeless as I type this if it wasn’t for your immediate action, I will stay in touch if Kensington mess me around again. Client Testimonial

  • Richard I wish I followed your advice sooner, I wasted so much time thinking that Acenden were going to help me, but you were right all along, Thank you for putting it behind me. Client Testimonial

  • Dear Jim, the difference it has made since you handled the LPA Receiver is incredible, I now have the information and statements that I have been requesting for over 6 months!!! Client Testimonial

  • I can’t believe I was going to borrow the money to clear the arrears, thanks to you guys I can continue with payments I can afford every month. Client Testimonial

  • When Santander said they will not accept my proposals I thought I had no choice, but you really made them sit up and listen, thank you Client Testimonial