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We Understand Repossession

Repossession is unthinkable for Homeowners, the fact that the property they worked hard to obtain may be taken from them is hard to bear.

HMS sympathise with all Homeowners facing repossession or eviction. No matter how you have fallen foul of life’s negative events or the economic climate, we will provide the most positive available solution.  

For more than ten years our close-knit, dedicated team have been successfully helping Homeowners to carry on living their lives as they always have; in their own homes, safe and secure. From the very beginning we, the founders of HMS, David, Richard and Jim, have worked tirelessly to prevent Homeowners from repossession and eviction.

We all have families of our own and know how important it is to protect them. So we believe in providing the very best service for you to ensure you and your family benefit from the security of Homeownership.

Our main goal is to stop any eviction and put an end to repossession, for you and for your family.

You won't find a more committed and understanding team dealing with repossession and eviction across England and Wales; just take a look at our Success Stories and Customer Testimonials to hear from the people we've helped in the past.

In our time we have stopped thousands of homes from being repossessed and have provided advice to many more people who just needed a friendly, professional ear.

Knowledge is Key

The HMS team have an extensive knowledge of individual Lenders, their policies and regulations under the Financial Conduct Authority and the Mortgage Conduct Of Business Rules which are designed to regulate your Lenders actions.

We are further experts in Repossession Law, the Court process and relevant Court applications, and how all of the above impact upon your specific circumstances.

Therefore we can help just by having a conversation! In many cases we have been able to solve a situation by simply providing someone with a piece of essential information.

If you do decide that you require our services your case will be handled from start to finish by a dedicated member of our team.

No case is too complicated or advanced to benefit from our advice, so do not hesitate to call. For us there is no greater feeling of satisfaction than when we stop a property from being repossessed and save a home from eviction.

For more information head over to our Services page to see everything we offer, or pick up the phone and get in touch for free, we're ready to help.


Every case is individual & needs our professional assessment, no matter how early or urgent your circumstances, we will hold your hand over every step.
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  • We had a few days before we were going to get evicted calling Homeowner Management Systems saved us they knew exactly what to do I wish we called weeks ago! Client Testimonial

  • Thank you David and Team, we would be homeless as I type this if it wasn’t for your immediate action, I will stay in touch if Kensington mess me around again. Client Testimonial

  • Richard I wish I followed your advice sooner, I wasted so much time thinking that Acenden were going to help me, but you were right all along, Thank you for putting it behind me. Client Testimonial

  • Dear Jim, the difference it has made since you handled the LPA Receiver is incredible, I now have the information and statements that I have been requesting for over 6 months!!! Client Testimonial

  • I can’t believe I was going to borrow the money to clear the arrears, thanks to you guys I can continue with payments I can afford every month. Client Testimonial

  • When Santander said they will not accept my proposals I thought I had no choice, but you really made them sit up and listen, thank you Client Testimonial

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