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Business & Commercial Debt

A lot of Homeowners that run a business decide to expand and when they have a Business Overdraft, or commercial borrowing to support or grow their business, they are often pushed into securing the debt against their private residence.

Secured Business & Commercial Debt

If the business then fails, or even hits a bad patch, the Bank or Lender can “call in” a proportion, or even all of the money. Many people do not realise that all their business loans and overdrafts with a specific bank can be combined under an “all monies order” as are therefore treated as an accumulative debt that is due immediately.

An All Monies Order renders the Judge relatively powerless and there is no specific regulation on Business debts however this can change when it is related to a residential dwelling, depending on whether it is related to a first or second charge. Clearly therefore every case requires a very specific assessment and you will need very specific advice in order to prevent the Bank/Lender from obtaining possession of your home.

A lot of Homeowners do not contact us until the Lender has taken eviction action, we have the knowledge and power to stop the eviction, but cannot help you unless you call us.


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  • We had a few days before we were going to get evicted calling Homeowner Management Systems saved us they knew exactly what to do I wish we called weeks ago! Client Testimonial

  • Thank you David and Team, we would be homeless as I type this if it wasn’t for your immediate action, I will stay in touch if Kensington mess me around again. Client Testimonial

  • Richard I wish I followed your advice sooner, I wasted so much time thinking that Acenden were going to help me, but you were right all along, Thank you for putting it behind me. Client Testimonial

  • Dear Jim, the difference it has made since you handled the LPA Receiver is incredible, I now have the information and statements that I have been requesting for over 6 months!!! Client Testimonial

  • I can’t believe I was going to borrow the money to clear the arrears, thanks to you guys I can continue with payments I can afford every month. Client Testimonial

  • When Santander said they will not accept my proposals I thought I had no choice, but you really made them sit up and listen, thank you Client Testimonial

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