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Stop Eviction | Eviction Notice

What it is

The Eviction Notice itself is an Official Notice from the Court forewarning you of the time and date that you will be evicted from your home by a County Court Bailiff. You typically only get 2 weeks' notice. Your Lender or their Solicitors will have informed you they are applying for eviction, however, the actual Eviction Notice will be sent out by the Court or in many cases, delivered by hand, by the Court Bailiff. It is therefore no good claiming you did not receive it.

An Eviction Notice will be issued if you have failed to maintain a previous Court Order, or your Lender is not satisfied that you are clearing your arrears sufficiently.  
There is still time to stop this from happening, even after you have received the Eviction Notice, the sooner you contact us however, the easier it is to save you.

What an Eviction Notice Means -

If you do not take action through the proper channels, the Eviction Notice will be carried out and your locks will be changed and you and any other occupiers will be homeless. A common mistake many Homeowners make is to trust in the sympathy of the legal system, however you will receive no sympathy. If you have nowhere to go, if you are elderly, disabled or have young children the Court Order will still stand and you will be evicted. You cannot afford to rely on your personal or family circumstances to stop your eviction, it typically does not work and it says so on the Eviction Notice itself.

In order to prevent and stop the eviction you need proper Legal Advice, to create a structured and Legally founded Defence in accordance with your circumstances that the Court can actually support and the Judge can therefore base an actual Court Order on. HMS will achieve the right defence.

How We Can Help

We can give you advice tailored to your specific case and circumstances about how to proceed.
Our first aim will be to reach an agreement with your Lender, either by advising you on what to say before you contact them or by interceding on your behalf. The procedure here often depends on the Lender and the urgency of your case.

If the Lender is not open to any proposals at this point we will promptly turn to Legal action, and complete an N244 Application Notice for you to secure an emergency Court Hearing regarding your Eviction Notice. Our job will be to achieve a Court Order that stops the eviction. The level of defence depends on the history and complexity of your case, and ranges from only requiring telephone advice, to appointing a Solicitor to attend Court with you.

When we achieve the Court Order that stops your eviction, there will be nothing your Lender can do to remove you from your home, on the condition you keep to the Court Order that we secured for you.

Your situation will always seem impossible and you may feel powerless in the face of an Eviction Notice, but we have successfully defended hundreds of cases that the Homeowner thought was beyond hope. We have stopped and prevented evictions in cases where the sum of the client's arrears were more than £100,000 and successfully defended a case in which the client had a long history of defaulting on their mortgage and had made multiple previous Court appearances spanning over 8 years.

We've been fighting on the side of Homeowner’s for a long time, we will help you keep your home, whatever your story. So call us today.

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Every case is individual & needs our professional assessment, no matter how early or urgent your circumstances, we will hold your hand over every step.
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  • We had a few days before we were going to get evicted calling Homeowner Management Systems saved us they knew exactly what to do I wish we called weeks ago! Client Testimonial

  • Thank you David and Team, we would be homeless as I type this if it wasn’t for your immediate action, I will stay in touch if Kensington mess me around again. Client Testimonial

  • Richard I wish I followed your advice sooner, I wasted so much time thinking that Acenden were going to help me, but you were right all along, Thank you for putting it behind me. Client Testimonial

  • Dear Jim, the difference it has made since you handled the LPA Receiver is incredible, I now have the information and statements that I have been requesting for over 6 months!!! Client Testimonial

  • I can’t believe I was going to borrow the money to clear the arrears, thanks to you guys I can continue with payments I can afford every month. Client Testimonial

  • When Santander said they will not accept my proposals I thought I had no choice, but you really made them sit up and listen, thank you Client Testimonial

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