Covid-19 Update: Evictions to Resume After 31st May 2021

The banking body UK Finance has warned of a surge in home repossessions after Covid-19 support schemes come to an end. Suggesting that home repossessions will rise tenfold by 2022, UK Finance offer a grim vision of a post-covid future for homeowners under threat of repossession.

If you are unfortunate enough to be affected by the lifting of the Covid-19 eviction ban, please read our Frequently Asked Questions below. We are here to support you, offer advice and stop your home eviction.

It is never too late to take action against eviction.
Get in touch today for more information, support and to begin the process of stopping home repossession.


When can my home be repossessed?

You may be evicted from June 1st 2021 onwards.

From June 1st, the coronavirus eviction ban will be lifted on bailiff-enforced home repossessions which means that it will then be legal to evict homeowners under the threat of repossession.

How soon after June 1st will I be evicted?

It could be anytime if your lender has taken you to court previously.

If you have never been to court previously, it will take a little longer to get to an actual eviction date, however, mortgage lenders have been allowed to begin repossession proceedings in the courts. This means that lenders may be conducting eviction proceedings already with the view of evicting homeowners as early as possible.

What does my mortgage lender have to do?
In order to evict you from your home, your lender must have a court order for possession. They may have achieved a Possession Order previously, and now they can ask the court to enforce it.

How do I know if I have a Possession Order?

A Possession Order will last for 6 years, even if you cleared your arrears previously. Even if you have not been to court in the last 6 years, it is a fairly simple process for your lender to extend your Possession Order for a further 6 years.

If you have never been to court your lender may have achieved a Possession Order in your absence.

When will I know I’m being evicted?

It is possible to be evicted 14 days after receiving notice from your lender. You will receive a letter with the date of your scheduled bailiff-enforced eviction. The letter should tell you the exact time and date of the eviction, the contact details for the lender’s legal team and how to stop homeowner repossession.

Who are bailiffs?

They are employed to evict individuals from repossessed properties. The majority of lenders enforcing a residential mortgage will use the County Court Bailiff. They are given power by the court to remove you from your property. The tend to be less aggressive in their approach.

We anticipate however that there will soon be a backlog in the time frame that the county court bailiffs will be able to enforce eviction applications and there will be an increase in applications for High Court enforcement. High court enforcement officers (HCEOs) are typically self employed and will be more aggressive in ensuring that you have left your home.

How to stop my home being repossessed?

It is never too late to take action against eviction. Get in touch today for more information, support and to begin the process of stopping home repossession.


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