Mr M was evicted from his home last week by Santander by Telford County Court.

Mr M was not aware of his eviction and came home from work to find that his property had been repossessed and upon phoning Santander was told that we would not have to repay the whole of his mortgage or the property would be sold.

Mr M was in fact too distraught to think straight and it was his neighbour that made the initial contact with HMS to see what could be done about getting his house back.

We took the time to investigate, assess and then explain to Mr M that his repossession was in fact legal and that he would indeed have to secure the funds to repay the whole of the mortgage due to the advice he had received from charitable sources being completely inaccurate.

Despite not having paid his mortgage for over 6 months, we were able to refinance Mr M and secure him the relevant funds in order to repay Santander in full.

Mr M is now securely back in his home within 4 days of contacting us and has decided to sell the property at his own pace due to the realisation that he does not have the long term affordability.

Contact us if you require expert advice and need to stop repossession of your home.