New Service Giving Free Advice for People Facing Repossession Launches

With the tumultuous housing market and the economic challenges of recent years, it’s heartening to see new support systems emerge for vulnerable citizens. The UK government has launched a brand-new service providing free legal advice to individuals who are being faced with eviction or repossession.

Launched on 1st August 2023, the move is set to provide essential support to those navigating the complexities of housing laws and regulations.

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Direct Support for Complex Situations

Many individuals, when faced with eviction or repossession, find the legal procedures complicated and hard to understand. This new service aims to provide clear and direct guidance, helping individuals understand their rights and the legal pathways available to them. 

At HMS we have been offering help and advice for evictions and house repossessions for years. Our experts stop repossession in its tracks and it all starts with a chat where we listen to your situation and advise the best way forward whilst offering regular support.

Part of a Larger Commitment

This newly introduced service is not an isolated endeavour. It aligns with the government’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that every citizen, regardless of their financial circumstances, has access to justice and necessary legal support. This commitment is further highlighted in the government’s resources about legal aid for possession proceedings. Plus, it’s underpinned by a significant financial commitment from the government. An additional £10 million annually will be channelled into housing legal aid, ensuring robust and comprehensive legal support in housing, debt, and welfare benefit matters. 

Immediate Legal Support for Those Facing Homelessness

The initiative aims to support approximately 38,000 individuals each year in England and Wales. A key feature is the immediacy of the assistance. As soon as a tenant or homeowner receives communication, whether from a landlord or mortgage provider, they can avail of this service. With a government-funded housing expert by their side, residents can explore a plethora of potential resolutions. This advice can encompass a range of topics, including illegal evictions, housing disrepair, outstanding rent or mortgage arrears, welfare benefits payments, and debt matters. 

Court Hearings and Legal Representation

In instances where issues persist and progress to court hearings, the government has committed to not leaving citizens in the lurch. Legal representation, funded by the state, will be extended on the day of hearings. Importantly, financial circumstances will not impact eligibility for this representation. 

Support from Political Leaders and Experts

Lord Bellamy, the Justice Minister, emphasised the vital role of early legal intervention. For him, the new service is a bid to pre-emptively address and resolve housing issues before they intensify. Equally, Felicity Buchan, the Minister for Housing and Homelessness, echoed the sentiment, voicing her determination to arm households with all necessary resources to remain in their homes. 

How HMS Can Help

At HMS, our repossession experts are at the forefront of this initiative. With many years in the industry, we are also here to provide advice and help with legal assistance to homeowners facing repossession.

No matter where you currently are in the repossession proceedings, we may be able to help you stop it. Contact us today for further advice and support.