Applying for an N244 Form to Stop Repossession 

Despite having various legal applications, at HMS we use the N244 form to help stop home repossession. This blog will answer the most important questions surrounding this form, as we explain exactly what it is, how we use it, and how to fill it out and submit it correctly.

filling out n244 form

What Is an N244 Form? 

In simple terms, the N244 is an official Court Application Form that asks the court to set aside a judgement or suspend an enforcement process.   

What Is an N244 Form Used for?

We use it to apply for an emergency court hearing to get your case in front of a judge, with the hope of getting them to suspend the eviction notice that your lender has secured against you. Ultimately, our goal will always be to stop house repossession and ensure that you and your family stay put.

How to Fill Out an N244 Form

Beyond having to provide basic information about yourself – including your name, address, contact details, and so on – you need to comprehensively but concisely describe the grounds upon which you are making the application. There are various things you will need to take into account; for instance, if you are seeking to make a new arrangement, the judge will want to see evidence of how you expect to pay the overdue amount. Achieving an early hearing is very much dependent upon the quality of your written application.

Once you’ve filled out the N244 form, you need to send it off to the County Court. You can do this by mailing it in or submitting it online. If you choose to mail it in, make sure to send it to the correct court address. If you choose to submit it online, make sure to have a digital copy of the form ready.

Once the N244 form is submitted, the court will review your application and make a decision. The court may either grant or deny your application, so it’s important to be prepared for either outcome.

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Can I Get Help With My N244 Form?

Yes, you can – and we recommend that you do. Given this form could be the difference between you keeping your home and your home being repossessed, we understand that this can be a very daunting process to undertake on your own. With years of experience in navigating legal proceedings surrounding repossession, you will be in very good hands if you choose to contact HMS to help you with your N244 form.

The N244 form is a minefield. It will be the main document that the judge will use to make his decision and will be directly referred to throughout your hearing. Thus, it is essential that it is completed in detail and based on points of law.

Although there is an appeals process if you do not decide to contact us and the hearing does not go your way, this process is notoriously difficult to navigate. We encourage you to avoid this happening and allow us to represent you from the outset. However, this does not mean that you should not contact us immediately if you have already lost your hearing.

If you’re facing house repossession, it’s important to act as soon as possible. The N244 form is an effective way to do so. Contact us immediately so that we help you through this process and stop the repossession of your home. Click here or call 0808 109 3559 for free advice.