N244 Form

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N244 Form

Do you need to submit an N244 form? Or negotiate with your lender?
Call 0800 298 0571 for urgent help.

The N244 Form (N244 Application Notice)

The N244 form is an official Court Application Form used by the County Court for a number of different applications. We use the N244 Application Form to apply for an Emergency Court Hearing to get your case in front of a Judge so they can decide whether or not to Suspend your Eviction Notice that your Lender has secured against you.

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Common Questions You May Have About N244 Application Forms

  • What is an N244 form used for?
    The N244 form is an official Court Application Form used by the County Court for a number of different applications. We use the N244 Application Form to apply for an Emergency Court Hearing to get your case in front of a Judge so they can decide whether or not to Suspend your Eviction Notice that your Lender has secured against you.
  • How long does the N244 process take?
    Emergency hearings can happen quickly, sometimes within 24 hours of a successful N244 application. Only when submitted to the court and used correctly will an N244 form delay or stop the proposed repossession until you’ve had your hearing.
  • Can you submit an N244 form online?
    No. You can submit an N244 yourself but it is not advisable. N244 forms need to be presented alongside specific evidence demonstrating how you plan to clear your mortgage arrears.
  • What will an N244 application cost?
    The fee depends at what stage your case is at. To suspend an eviction warrant it costs £50. To appeal a Court’s decision it’s over £250. The main application that we have to submit when we are preventing a homeowner losing their home is an N244 Application.
  • Where can you download an N244 form?
    If you wish to download an N244 Application form you can download this from the UK Government portal. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/form-n244-application-notice
  • Can an N244 form stop my eviction?
    By itself, no. Submitting an N244 application will only get you hearing with a District Judge, who can stop your eviction but it must be done with the right defence.

We Want to Help

We can help and can be successful with almost every Homeowner that calls us, no matter how hopeless they think their case is. If you do not call us then we cannot help you win. We further believe it is of the utmost importance, to be honest with clients. If we are unable to help with your case for any reason, we will tell you immediately, while still providing you with any advice you may need.

Submitting an N244 Application Form

Submitting an N244 Application form to the Court will not delay or stop your eviction, but used correctly, it will lead to an Emergency Court Hearing that can, and with our help WILL, stop your eviction.

That is why you need to get it right and why you should call us. Our dedicated experience in this area means that we will be able to complete the N244 Application form in the perfect way to achieve an Emergency Court Hearing that we will win, to stop an Eviction Order and save your home.

The Hearing

The Emergency Hearing achieved with a successful N244 Application Notice Form is a Homeowner’s last definite opportunity to save their home without having to clear the arrears. Therefore we will do everything in our power to aid you at this vital time and get it right first time to prevent the eviction.

If you do not contact us and the Hearing should go against you, there is an appeals process, but it is very difficult and best avoided by calling us to get it right on the first application.

Acting Swiftly

Only when submitted to the court and used correctly will an N244 form delay or stop the proposed repossession. In turn, with the right legal help and representation, an emergency hearing can prevent eviction. Our considerable experience in the field of residential property law means that we have the expertise to apply to the court correctly, gain an emergency hearing, stop the eviction order and save your home.

We’ve saved our clients facing home repossession from the following lenders:

  • Lloyds
  • Elderbridge
  • HSBC
  • Kensington
  • Acenden
  • RBS
  • Charter
  • Redstone
  • Rooftop
  • Halifax
  • Santander
  • Barclays
  • Nationwide
  • Natwest

Halifax –Santander – Barclays – Nationwide – Natwest – Lloyds – Elderbridge – HSBC – Kensington – Acenden – RBS – Charter – Redstone – Rooftop

The Process

The N244 application form is not straightforward, many elements must be taken into account before submitting it at the court; it is also crucial that it is submitted in sufficient time, so it must be done right and expediently.

  • Firstly, you must have sufficient grounds to file the N244 Application form, as it says on your Eviction Notice, having nowhere to go is not a sufficient defence. We will establish the grounds for you and complete your form once we have assessed your case.

  • Secondly, the content supplied on the N244 application notice form must be detailed, but concise; providing just the right amount of information to achieve the desired outcome, which is an Emergency Court Hearing. Winning the Hearing is a separate issue.  We can complete the N244 Application form for you to ensure you achieve an Emergency Hearing to have your case assessed by the Judge.

  • Thirdly, you must have an appropriate defence fully prepared before submitting the N244 Application Form, as some Emergency Hearings can be held within 24 hours of submitting an N244 Application Form. We will help you prepare the best defence possible before any contact with the courts to ensure that no matter when the Emergency Court Hearing takes place, you are prepared with our help to WIN!

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We help save your home by stopping your eviction, helping you clear your arrears negotiating with your lender.

Stopping Repossession in Mortgage or Rent Arrears Cases

If you are an owner-occupier with overdue mortgage payments or a tenant with rent arrears for your home, the threat of legal proceedings for repossession can be distressing. Whether initiated by the mortgage lender – usually a bank or building society – or by a public or private property owner, most homeowners and tenants find the official paperwork, nagging uncertainty and impending proceedings to be very unsettling.

Naturally, during these worrying times, you may be wondering how to stop the repossession of your home and ensure a decisive result that will give you some peace of mind. If you are facing legal action for non-payment of your mortgage or rent, read on – we are here to help. Here, we suggest what action to take and how to lodge an official application to the local county court using form N244 to stop repossession.

Using an N244 Form to Stop House Repossession

Importantly, if your mortgage lender or landlord has served a notice against you, you should act quickly to stop the eviction. Here at (client name), we use N244 forms to apply for emergency court hearings, so that we can present the details of your case to a judge. Crucially, we attend on your behalf, explain the background persuasively and inform the court of all the necessary facts. Subsequently, the judge who hears your case will decide whether or not to suspend any eviction notice and halt the process that your lender has initiated.

Helping You Through the Uncertainty

Wherever possible, our dedicated legal team wants to help achieve a successful outcome for every homeowner who calls us – regardless of how hopeless the situation might initially seem. For this reason, we encourage you to contact us without delay if you have received notice of repossession proceedings.

Naturally, we consider it very important, to be honest with clients. In a very limited number of cases, therefore, if we cannot help we will advise the client right away.

Defending Your Home

Notably, N244 online applications and paper forms are not straightforward. When submitting them to the court concerned, there are some key steps to follow. Above all, it is essential to present the paperwork correctly, completely and in ample time.

As the small print on eviction notices should mention, there must be adequate grounds to apply for a hearing. Merely stating that one has nowhere to go, for instance, is not a sufficient defence. Accordingly, we will assess your case, establish any grounds to stop the attempted possession and complete the N244 application on your behalf. Perhaps you now have a tenant occupying the property or expect a lump sum shortly, or your suspended possession order is now up to date. If you are seeking a new arrangement or plan to make a new proposal, the court will also request evidence of how you expect to pay the overdue amount. In preparation, we might recommend that you complete an N11M personal defence form.

Secondly, the information supplied on the forms must be concise yet comprehensive. In particular, it is vital to give the right amount of detail to achieve an early hearing, but not so much as to become a hostage to fortune.

Additionally, some emergency hearings take place within as little as twenty-four hours of applying. For this reason, we develop the best defence possible for your case before serving the papers. That way, you will be prepared for the hearing even if the court lists it at very short notice.

Helping to Win the Repossession Hearing

As a homeowner or tenant, an emergency hearing is the last opportunity you have to save your home without necessarily having to repay rent or mortgage arrears in full at the time. As a result, we will do everything in our power to support you at this vital point, secure a positive outcome and prevent the possible eviction.

Notably, low-income earners and benefit recipients may be entitled to fee remission, i.e. exemption from paying court fees.

Finally, should you not decide to contact us and then the hearing then goes against you, there is an appeals process. Before you rely on this, however, do bear in mind that such appeals are notoriously complicated and, therefore, best avoided. Instead, we suggest that you call us so that we can represent you from the outset and secure the right result, the first time. However, if you have already lost your hearing and need information about a possible appeal, please click here to obtain some immediate advice.

Contact us, even if your eviction is only an hour away. Call 0800 298 0571

What people have to say about Home Owner Management Services

I really can’t thank you guys enough. I was certainly headed for another breakdown, however, the sheer weight of your support saved me from despair and I am sat at home nice and  warm, in familiar surroundings thanks to you.

I can’t believe, looking back, how much time I wasted trying to convince the lender to let me stay, so many documents and offers, my only regret is honestly not phoning you sooner.

Mrs M
I was at a total loss at what to do with my situation, having been a mortgage broker, I was convinced I had the ability to talk to my lender and negotiate however; nothing I could offer was good enough!

They explained the process to stop the eviction and when it all came together it was like a case of De Ja Vu, it went EXACTLY as they said it would. They got me enough time to save up my deposit to go and rent, and I just let the lender have the house because I had negative equity anyway.

I am now back to a comfortable state of living and have no stresses anymore. I didn’t have to borrow any money from anybody because I didn’t have to pay the mortgage while I was saving up for my rent.

The best part was having the ability to remove my belongings at my own pace, and it not being done for me! I didn’t need to arrange storage or anything. I cant begin to express how grateful I really am!

Mr L

I really had my head in the clouds as I believed I now had no where to turn. I had already made my appointment with the council to assess me for emergency housing. However my council said they could only find me a hostel to stay in. 1 call to Aggressive Lender Solutions and I no longer had a problem.

They resolved the Eviction order in a matter of days, giving me every confidence that they could achieve it, every step of the way. I don’t know where Id be if they didn’t help.

Mr B

Thank you so much for your help. We can now keep our home for the long term. We now have to pay our Lender a monthly payment we can finally afford after a year of turmoil. The hardest thing was unpacking all the boxes we had already packed because we thought there was no hope.

Everything you did for us was so quick and professional, our home was saved before we knew it, it took some time to sink in, but they really did achieve what we thought was impossible. In less than 24 hours of phoning them the eviction order was cancelled.

With the weight off our shoulders we can concentrate on living again and earning the money we need to pay the mortgage without living in fear of the Bailiff knocking on the door with an eviction order!

Mr & Mrs J W