N244 Application Process

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The N244 application form is not straightforward, many elements must be taken into account before submitting it at the court; it is also crucial that it is submitted in sufficient time, so it must be done right and expediently.

  • Firstly, you must have sufficient grounds to file the N244 Application form, as it says on your Eviction Notice, having nowhere to go is not a sufficient defence. We will establish the grounds for you and complete your form once we have assessed your case.

  • Secondly, the content supplied on the N244 application notice form must be detailed, but concise; providing just the right amount of information to achieve the desired outcome, which is an Emergency Court Hearing. Winning the Hearing is a separate issue.  We can complete the N244 Application form for you to ensure you achieve an Emergency Hearing to have your case assessed by the Judge.

  • Thirdly, you must have an appropriate defence fully prepared before submitting the N244 Application Form, as some Emergency Hearings can be held within 24 hours of submitting an N244 Application Form. We will help you prepare the best defence possible before any contact with the Courts to ensure that no matter when the Emergency Court Hearing takes place, you are prepared with our help to WIN!

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