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Repossession Court Hearing

What is a hearing?

A ‘Repossession Court Hearing’ or ‘Possession Hearing’ is the first stage that your case will be assessed by the impartial Court system. To stop any chance of property repossession at this stage means presenting a solid case and understanding the system and the often complex language used by the legal profession, and can be very daunting with it taking place in an actual Court of Law.

If you want to stop repossession and save your home, get in touch now. For more detailed information about your Possession Hearing, please read on below.

Understanding Your Position

A Hearing will be set if your Lender has applied to your local County Court for a Possession Order on your home. They will usually do so when they feel that your mortgage arrears are too extensive. This usually occurs when Homeowners reach between three and six months of mortgage payment arrears.

Help With Repossession Court Hearings

By this stage you will have received a large amount of paperwork including payment reminders and warnings of impending legal action from your Mortgage Lender and their Solicitors. Finally you will receive Court paperwork detailing a time and date for your Possession Hearing. HMS know that this is an alarming situation and we are ready to calmly explain your options. We will also explain, in simple English, the documentation you have received up to this point, which can often be overwhelming and layered in technical legal language.

Your Options

There are three main options in dealing with your Repossession Court Hearing.

- Don't Attend.

A viable, and sometimes necessary option (under very specific circumstances). If you do not attend the Hearing you will not stop eviction and repossession, the process will typically be suspended for 28 days and after this time your Lender will be able to apply to the Court for an eviction order to take possession of your home.

-Apply for a 'Suspended Possession Order'

A Suspended Possession Order is an Order issued by the Court if it is established that you will be able clear your arrears over a reasonable period of time. We have a great deal of successful experience in establishing a good case for our clients so they are able to achieve this outcome.

This will provide you a second chance and stop repossession as long as you maintain the new payment plan set out by the Judge. It is vital that you convince the Judge to provide an order you can afford because if you do not meet the payments then your Lender will be within their rights to apply for an Eviction Order on your home without notice.

Many Homeowners panic & make an arrangement before the Hearing under the pressure and scrutiny of their Lender or Lenders representative, which they cannot afford, DO NOT fall into this trap.

- Sell your property

This is always an option, but one we will try to avoid if possible as we will always aim for you to keep your home. If you do decide this is your most viable option we can help you through the process of negotiation with your Lender and make sure you are protected, fully informed and provided with enough time to sell and find somewhere else to live.

Stop Repossession, Call us Today.

We can guide you through every step of the process, from explaining any documentation in clear simple language, through to rigorously preparing you for the Court Hearing itself.

With over 40 years combined experience of the Court process and can prepare you for any scenario, together we can achieve the best outcome for you.

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