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Lender Negotiation

The point at which many Homeowners choose to engage our services and advice is when their Mortgage Lender refuses their attempt to negotiate and threatens to start possession proceedings.

Lender Negotiation

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The Repossession Process

Vital Negotiation

Negotiation with your Mortgage Lender is a vital part of your case and can be started at any time. If used successfully, it can stop your case reaching court initially, or encourage a Mortgage Lender to withdraw an eviction Warrant for cases at a later stage.

When you have arrears, your Mortgage Lender will typically start Possession Action against you when your payments reach three months arrears. How soon your Lender carries out that threat is often determined by the Homeowner’s ability to negotiate and satisfy their Lender’s demands.

Each Lender takes a different approach and no two cases, even with the same Mortgage Lender, follow exactly the same path. This is because many factors surrounding the set up of the mortgage and the client’s individual circumstances play a part in how the case unfolds.

Some Lenders will offer you no form of negotiation and instruct their solicitors to handle your case, other Mortgage Lenders will run you around in circles and claim that you must evidence your case with payslips and bank statements so they can question every penny you spend per month. We have seen many cases where they waste your time and keep you occupied while they wait for a court date to be set.

We Negotiate With Your Mortgage Lender

We specialise in understanding how to marry your circumstances and affordability within the confines of your specific mortgage conditions. Next, we negotiate with your Mortgage Lender in a manner that makes it difficult for them to refuse, based upon the regulation they must follow.

In any form of Lender Negotiation, you must ensure that your proposal, whether it be to repay your arrears overtime; refinance; or request time to sell, falls within the regulatory and legal confines that bind your Mortgage Lender. If your proposals are outside of what is allowable, your negotiations will fail. We can ensure that what you are offering can, in fact, be accepted by your Mortgage Lender.

It is crucial that you are careful to ensure that your proposals are realistic so that they can be met and maintained. Often, Homeowners panic and make offers of repayment which they almost immediately fail to maintain. When this happens, your Lender will claim it is a broken arrangement and will use this against you in any future court hearings.

The Repossession Process
Repossession Expert

Discuss Your Options

Previously, we have defended hearings whereby a Mortgage Lender has claimed as many as 18 broken arrangements, making the Homeowners payment history appear to be very poor. In reality, the Homeowner had a relatively small amount of payment arrears and often, the ‘broken arrangement’ was simply a payment that was a few days late. We were able to correct the perception the Mortgage Lender had painted for the court, and consequently, the court order was suspended on affordable terms for the Homeowner.

It can prove to be quite difficult for a Homeowner to achieve the result they need through direct negotiation with their Mortgage Lender without professional help. Certainly, if you have failed to maintain a previous agreement that was made under negotiation. Your Mortgage Lender will almost always want more.

Therefore, you must be sensible in terms of negotiation, especially when your Mortgage Lender refuses your first attempts. Offering more money or lump sum payments is not the solution. Your Lender may be pushing for a Court Hearing or eviction no matter what you offer. If you have reached this stage, you need to contact us to discuss your options.

How to Stop Repossession

Make sure you talk to your lender

1. Don’t take emergency finance

Other companies may have misled you into believing that a bridging loan or short-term finance is your best or even only choice. That’s not true. The temporary relief will be short-lived when you are facing repossession for a much higher sum.

Try not panic and stay calm

2. Don’t accept a quick sale

In desperate situations, you may be tempted to accept a below-market-value “instant cash” offer on your home. Avoid quick sale companies at all costs—they profit from your misfortune. We can provide better options.

 Review household expenditure

3. Get us to help

We can help you navigate through your options. We will force your lender to give you time to make a decision that suits you. Our first step is to assess affordability for you to keep the property long-term. If this is not an option, then we will ensure you speak to regulated finance professionals or have time to sell your property on the open market.

What People Say

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