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Services to Help Avoid Eviction

The areas of advice that we cover under our specialist expertise in preventing Repossession & Eviction include:

•    Eviction Orders / Notices
•    Hearing Application's - using an N244 Application
•    Mortgage Repossession Hearings
•    Missed payments and Early Arrears
•    Appeal Applications for failed hearings
•    Expired Mortgage (mortgage due to end, or past their mortgage term)
•    Business & Commercial debts
•    Landlords having Buy to Let properties repossessed
•    Bankruptcy Eviction
•    What happens AFTER an eviction

What HMS can do for you?

We will help.

When you need our services, we know that a friendly ear and guaranteed support is what you need. For that reason we have specialised in the prevention of Homeowner repossession and eviction. Our team of experts are specialists in this area and are ready to take your call.
We specialise in a range of arrears relating to Finance which is Secured against property, and it is our specialist knowledge enables us to give you the support you need at every stage of the repossession and eviction process.

We provide a wealth of information on this website to help you understand your specific circumstances, because we want to provide the best service we can. However if you want to get straight to the heart of your unique situation then get in touch. Our advisers can give you all of the information relevant to you and together we can find a solution.

The two core solutions to halting eviction and repossession are either to demonstrate a position of affordability, or to sell your home. We believe selling your home is the absolute last resort and will always aim to establish a position of affordability first, allowing you to keep your home and return your life to normal.

Here at HMS we have over a decade of experience and assist anyone in England and Wales whose home is at risk of repossession. We do not offer assistance with any other legal or unsecured debt, and we do not advise on cases with Rent Arrears.
Ultimately we believe it is important to keep people in their homes and provide a source of help and support for Homeowners facing eviction and repossession. Read on to find out all we can offer you or, to save time, call us directly, and we can have a conversation about your situation.


Every case is individual & needs our professional assessment, no matter how early or urgent your circumstances, we will hold your hand over every step.
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  • We had a few days before we were going to get evicted calling Homeowner Management Systems saved us they knew exactly what to do I wish we called weeks ago! Client Testimonial

  • Thank you David and Team, we would be homeless as I type this if it wasn’t for your immediate action, I will stay in touch if Kensington mess me around again. Client Testimonial

  • Richard I wish I followed your advice sooner, I wasted so much time thinking that Acenden were going to help me, but you were right all along, Thank you for putting it behind me. Client Testimonial

  • Dear Jim, the difference it has made since you handled the LPA Receiver is incredible, I now have the information and statements that I have been requesting for over 6 months!!! Client Testimonial

  • I can’t believe I was going to borrow the money to clear the arrears, thanks to you guys I can continue with payments I can afford every month. Client Testimonial

  • When Santander said they will not accept my proposals I thought I had no choice, but you really made them sit up and listen, thank you Client Testimonial

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