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Case Study: Bromley Eviction Stopped

NAME: Mr & Mrs S
ARREARS: £17,000
TYPE OF CASE: Eviction Rescue
Notice Given: Contacted us 2 days before the Eviction date.
Previous History: Mr & Mrs S had previously secured a suspended possession order but had failed to maintain the agreement set out by the court at their repossession hearing. Their Lender subsequently had the right to apply for eviction without a further hearing and enforced the possession order after having only missed one payment.

Mr & Mrs S were further told by their Lender that they could not take their case back to court without clearing the arrears in full.

Case Won?


We took immediate action and secured Mr & Mrs S an emergency court hearing for the following day using a correctly completed N244 Application form. We ensured that Mr & Mrs S did not have to pay a lump sum, nor did they have to catch up with the missed payment under the court order.

We re-established Mr & Mrs S’ affordability and determined that the mortgage was affordable but they could only realistically afford to pay £75per month towards the arrears, not the £150 that was previously ordered. A new suspended possession order was achieved, and the eviction was cancelled.

Testimonial of Mr & Mrs S

Thank you so much for your help. We really cannot thank you enough. We finally have a mortgage we can afford after a year of turmoil. The hardest thing was unpacking all the boxes we had already packed because we thought there was no hope.

Everything you did for us was so quick and professional, our home was saved before we knew it, it took some time to sink in when the Judge gave his decision, but the relief has been massive.

With the weight off our shoulders, we can concentrate on living again without having to worry about whether or not we will have the money for the payment, the £75 really makes that much difference to our budget.

Advice Note

The majority of cases we deal with at Homeowner Management Services are preventing eviction due to a failed court order. Whether you already have a suspended possession order or an eviction date in place, or even the threat of being taken to court for the first time, it will cost you nothing to call us and find out what we can do to help. It is never too late to seek advice, and neither is it too early!! 

We help save your home by stopping your eviction, helping you clear your arrears negotiating with your lender.