ARREARS: £6,000

Time Available: 2 weeks before Eviction date.

Previous History: After a difficult breakup with his partner, Mr B ignored his position for some time. He ignored his mortgage lenders threats to start court proceedings, and did not attend his original court date.

The court hearing where Engage Credit were applying for a outright possession order went ahead in Mr B’s absence. The District Judge had no choice but to award possession to Engage Credit as a result of his non-attendance. A 28 day possession order was granted, meaning that after 28 days from the date of the court hearing Engage Credit could apply to the court to evict Mr B.

Engage Credit did indeed apply for an eviction notice on the day that the 28 day possession order came into force, and an eviction notice turned up with only 2 weeks notice of the date and time he was going to be evicted.

This woke Mr B up to the severity of the situation, so he got on the phone to us.


We talked to Mr B at length about his situation and established that he did in fact have the affordability for his property. We negotiated a repayment schedule for him directly with Engage Credit and stopped his eviction with over a week to spare.

No lump sum was payable to Engage Credit so Mr B has been able to maintain his payments since.

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