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Free Advice with Just One Phone Call

We want to help, that’s why we provide a phone service that costs nothing. If you find yourself facing house repossession or eviction you may feel there are few places to turn for advice, HMS are here for you.

Stop Repossession

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Improve Your Situation and Stop Repossession

A one to one conversation is the best way to start, we’ll start by discussing your individual circumstances and the history of your case to ascertain how best we can help.

Regardless of how bad you think it may be, we are confident we can provide the advice, support and guidance needed to improve your situation and stop repossession.

Your free call to one of our knowledgeable and friendly team will include an analysis of your situation, free advice relating to your specific needs and an explanation of your legal options for the future.

In many cases, one phone call is all you will need to halt house repossession. Many of our past clients have been able to resolve their situations with the advice we provide.


How to Stop Repossession

Make sure you talk to your lender

1. Don’t take emergency finance

Other companies may have misled you into believing that a bridging loan or short-term finance is your best or even only choice. That’s not true. The temporary relief will be short-lived when you are facing repossession for a much higher sum.

Try not panic and stay calm

2. Don’t accept a quick sale

In desperate situations, you may be tempted to accept a below-market-value “instant cash” offer on your home. Avoid quick sale companies at all costs—they profit from your misfortune. We can provide better options.

 Review household expenditure

3. Get us to help

We can help you navigate through your options. We will force your lender to give you time to make a decision that suits you. Our first step is to assess affordability for you to keep the property long-term. If this is not an option, then we will ensure you speak to regulated finance professionals or have time to sell your property on the open market.

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